Bronislaw Geremek, Robert Picht

Rethinking Europe Publication date : September 20, 2007

This book resulted from a series of encounters, papers and debates, which brought together intellectuals, scientists and scholars in several European cities. The meetings were organised under the auspices of the College of Europe, founded in 1948 and the oldest postgraduate institute specialising in European studies.

“Having made Europe, we must now make Europeans. If we don't, we may lose Europe,” writes Bronislaw Geremek in the opening to this book.

Does Europe still have a political plan for the future? Is there a lack of democracy, or a crisis of legitimacy? What are the prospects for the European Constitution? What are some possible scenarios for the future? Do we really need a social Europe? Will extending its borders suffice to turn Europe into a world power?

This book examines all these issues and casts a valuable, unique light on the European debate, its main features, its points of discord, and its areas of silence.

One ambition remains: to rethink Europe, the principles behind it and its realities. This book covers a multiplicity of points of view representing several disciplines, nationalities and generations.

Every aspect of the so-called “European issue” is examined here in detail by experts from several of the EU member countries. This is not only an indispensable reference work, it is also a wonderful “suggestion box” of ideas and a model of what the European spirit should be: a multiplicity of views and voices, a shared inspiration, and the determination to work together to build the future.

Bronislaw Geremek is a historian. He has been a member of the European Parliament since 2004. Before that he was a member of the Polish Parliament and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Robert Picht is a German sociologist and the vice-rector of the College of Europe.

Contributors to this volume: J.P. Bourlanges, U. Eco, J. Le Goff, J. Rupnik, D. Schnapper, T. Todorov, as well as J.P. Blonde, T. Boéri, U. Frevert, P. van Ham, A. Inotai, H. Kaeble, G. McLaughlin, B. Marin, K. Nicolaidis, L. Siedentop, B. Strath, M.T. Thiesse, A. Triandafyllidou, H.A. Winkler, W. Wessels.