Marie-Jo Bonnet

Amorous Relations Between Women Publication date : June 1, 2001

This book covers five centuries of the history of amorous relations between women, from the Renaissance to the present day. It is the first history to take into account both the external view of men and the inside view of lesbians themselves.
For the first time too, a long-term analysis is offered, revealing a change in values and mind sets, as well in the social position occupied by women. Until now, women’s history has tended to conceal love between women — despite the fact that lesbians have played a major role in progressive political and artistic movements.
Original in its genre because of the author’s erudition, her multidisciplinary approach, the way events are placed in perspective, and the period itself that is under scrutiny, Les Relations Amoureuses entre Femmes is already established as an authoritative work.

Marie-Jo Bonnet holds a PhD in history and specialises in cultural history.