Georges Duby

History Continues Publication date : November 1, 2001

“I undertake here to speak about my career, soberly, familiarly. Of our career, really; because all we historians have taken the same path, accompagnied by specialists in other social sciences. Rare in these disciplines are those explorers who venture out alone from our trodden path. Sometimes, others takes this risk at the sale time. The same wind blows us all, but we generally navigate the conservative route. Therefor, this history is not just mine. It is the history over the course of half a century of the historians of France.” Georges Duby

“L'Histoire continue is a book of energy, of optomism, of conquest.” Le Monde

“Marked at times by a certain disenchantment with the passivity in the school of french historians, questioning to the brutal end certain idealogies, Georges Duby never renounces the enthusiasm of his youth, which he shares with his fellow renegades and with new generations in an attempt to build the history of tomorrow.” Elle