The National Gendarmerie A Republican Institution for Civic Service With the collaboration of Élisabeth Guigou and Alain Richard. Publication date : February 1, 2000

The national Gendarmerie has passed through eight centuries of history in constantly adapting to the needs of the State and citizens. The changes of political regimes and governments has little by little forged an original military institution, faithful to republican principles. Its specificity lies in the multiplicity of its tasks : defence, judiciary policing, and public security. These diverse functions imply continuity of service, cooperation with the other police forces, and a close link with the people.
On October 12th 1999, more than three hundred members of parliament, senior officials, academics, practitioners, researchers and military men were brought together at the Luxembourg Palace in order to discuss the future. The proceedings of this conference are gathered together in this book for the purpose of helping to trace a vision of the future for tomorrow’s Gendarmerie.