Robert Belot

The Statue of Liberty The secret of the most famous monument in the world Publication date : November 2, 2016

Robert Belot is a historian. He is head of the RECITS (Recherches et Etudes sur le Changement Industriel, Technique et Sociétal) laboratory at the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM).

The Statue of Liberty will be 130 years old on 28 October 2016. Famous around the world as a symbol of America and emblem of the city of New York, this colossal sculpture with an infinite number of copies could still have a big surprise in store for us.

Concealed behind the portrait of Jeanne-Emilie Bartholdi, wife of the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, taken during the couple’s trip America before the official opening, is a handwritten, encrypted text. We see only three triangles (or pyramids), with at their centre the eye of Horus. These two symbols have been printed on the dollar bill since 1934. Decrypted, the title means: “Notes on the mysteries of the Statue of Liberty.” “Mysteries”? What mysteries? That is what this book sets out to reveal.

From Brazil to France, via the United States, Robert Belot tells of the lively investigation that led him to authenticate this explosive document and to unravel its meaning.

This document offers us the key to understanding the Statue of Liberty, but also reveals the beliefs and convictions that its creator borrowed from the European Enlightenment, the Freemasons and the Illuminati.