Shimon Peres

Let the Sun Rise Publication date : January 1, 1999

Besides being an exceptional record by one of the most important statesmen of recent times, Shimon Peres’s book is also a plea in favour of peace and reason and a heartfelt profession of faith in the political, philosophical and moral convictions that have inspired his actions for so many years.Que le Soleil se Lève reveals what Peres considers to be the major stakes faced by our civilisation at century’s end. The author goes on to define his idea of politics and the exercise of power, based on first-hand experience of significant political developments currently underway, as well as his conception of what Israel should signify and the message that it should communicate to the rest of the world of what Judaism means.He points out that it took the Hebrews many years to reach the promised land under the leadership of Moses, following the flight from Egypt. Freedom and moral and political maturity cannot be achieved effortlessly. Errors are inevitable, but people must learn from their mistakes. In the Jewish tradition, the flight from Egypt concerns each and every man and woman, as well as every age and every generation. We must all set out again on that path, and we must all free ourselves. Peres believes that now, at the end of the twentieth century, humanity must complete the route begun earlier if it is to rise to its full grandeur and nobility and finally succeed in mastering violence. Only then will it learn to make full use of its potential for knowledge and creativity, while fully respecting other human beings – and not simply for the sake of accumulating wealth and power. If humanity can accomplish this, if it can succeed in earning its "new freedom", then it will bequeath to future generations a truly humane world. If not, the world will continue to pay for past errors: with never-ending poverty, increased injustice, and ongoing wars.Shimon Peres is scheduled to visit Paris at the beginning of January.Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is known for his strong positions in favour of peace. During the Oslo peace negotiations he was Minister of Foreign Affairs in Yitzhak Rabin’s Labour government.