Colonel Passy

Colonel Passy Memoirs of the Chief of the Secret Services of a Liberated France Publication date : October 1, 2000

These two volumes constitute a new edition of Colonel Passy’s memoirs, which were first published by Plon in a three-volune limited edition (Deuxième Bureau-Londres; 10 Duke Street-Londres; Missions Secrètes en France). The new edition has been presented and annotated by historian Jean-Louis Crémieux-Brilhac, a specialist in the period. André Dewawrin, alias Colonel Passy, headed the Bureau de Contre-espionnage, de Renseignement et d’Action (BCRA) of the Free French in London, from 1940 to 1944. He became General Koenig’s chief of staff, in 1944. A former student at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique, he headed the department of research and study for the French Ministry of Defence after the war.