Maurice Bloch

The Anthropology and the Cognitive Challenge Publication date : November 8, 2013

Maurice Bloch, a British anthropologist of French origin, succeeded Bronislaw Malinowski at the London School of Economics (1983 to 2005). He was European Professor at the Collège de France from 2005 to 2006. His publications include La Violence du religieux (Editions Odile Jacob, 1997).

Social and natural scientists often ignore one another and are sometimes even at odds.
This book attempts reconciliation, focussing on those benefits which some social scientists, especially anthropologists, can derive from taking into account the work of cognitive scientists. It shows why anthropologists cannot avoid many of the questions and findings which have recently concerned the various cognitive sciences. These topics have major implications for anthropology.
Besides being an accessible introduction to cognitive anthropology by an internationally recognised specialist on the subject, this book is a highly innovative attempt to reconcile often-conflicting aspects of research and to discover new avenues to explore.

• Anthropology encounters the cognitive sciences.
• An introduction to cognitive anthropology.