Jean-François Amadieu

The Looks Society Beautiful, Young People...and Others Publication date : September 7, 2016

Jean-François Amadieu is the very successful author of The Weight of Appearances (50,000 copies). Scientific advisor to the Ministry of Labour, member of the Enterprise and Disability Agency, he is also a Professor at the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. He lives in Paris.
• Following his work The Weight of Appearances, the author explores a new facet of this imperialism of appearances in our societies by undertaking new enquiries into the world of work, politics, and the media.
• Looks are practically everything these days but this reality remains hidden. Can we take ourselves out of denial? Is public opinion, business and government fully aware of the problems created by this tyranny of appearances?
• Inevitably, we are finally reacting and rebelling against the cult of beauty, of slimness and of youth.
• Will we ever manage to liberate ourselves from this body facism?