Alexandre Stern

Who Are You, Homo sapiens? Understanding Our Nature In Order to Live Better Publication date : March 23, 2022

Alexandre Stern is an entrepreneur, consultant, and writer. Enthralled with the history of taste and food, and member of the Collège Culinaire de France, he divides his activities among the development of his Maison de gastronomie, advising entrepreneurs, and writing. Alexandre Stern is an alumnus of HEC [École des hautes études commerciales – grande école for business and management studies], New York University, and INSEAD [Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires – a global business school]. He is the author of Singe cuisinier – Comment la cuisine nous a civilisés [is this The Adventurous Foodie: 700 Foods You Should Try from Around the World ? it appears together on Amazon…].

Humans are social apes, who for most of their history lived in small groups of a few dozen individuals. During the past ten thousand years – a fraction of a second on the scale of human evolution – we found ourselves propelled into a complex world in which we became sedentary, invented agriculture, created laws, established marriage and family, thought about property, money and trade. We conceived a model very far from our nature as hunter-gatherers. Today, whether we live in cities with several million inhabitants or in rural areas, we have lost the connection with the original unity of our tribe, which served both as our family and as a social matrix.

This book aims to question the consequences of this shift toward modernity as it has impacted humans’ biological conditioning created by more than two million years of evolution as hunter-gatherers. Haven’t certain problems – stress, solitude, depression, eating disorders, addictions… -- in fact arisen due to the loss of connection with our profound nature?

A fascinating panorama that looks back at the great evolutions in our way of life that have gradually led from a natural state to the modern world.