Jean Chavaillon

The Golden Age of Humanity Annals of the Palaeolithic Age Publication date : January 1, 1996

If myths tell the story of civilizations without writing, the myth of the golden age corresponds to a very precise period in the story of mankind: the superior paleololithic (between 35,000 and 9,000 B.C.). Even though different species of hominides coexisted in the same territories of Africa, there were no wars. Human groups were rare, they lived in an environment of abundance. They had time. Without art or religion, their life was carefree. All their knowledge was concentrated on the making of tools and in the mastering of fire. This is the everyday life of men from the Paleolithic which Jean Chavaillon describes in this fascinating book, illustrated by black and white reproductions.

Jean Chavaillon, is a research director at the CNRS, a specialist in prehistory and a field worker. After excavations in Ethiopia in the Omo valley with Yves Coppens, he has been directing his own excavations in the Aouch Valley.