Philippe Taquet

The Imprint of Dinosaurs Publication date : January 1, 2001

'In telling these tales of journeys in search of dinosaurs, I wish to pull the reader into a world that owes nothing to fiction and everything to science. In 1964, my path crossed the dinosaurs' and since then I have travelled far and wide, from the Sahara to the Brazilian Sertão, from the forests of Laos to the Mongolian steppes. I was lucky enough to discover a few dinosaurs, and I had the joy of sharing the lives of many inhabitants of our planet: Tuaregs from Niger, Berbers from Morocco's Upper Atlas and winegrowers from the Corbières.'

'One must read the excellent The Imprint of Dinosaurs , in which Professor Philippe Taquet, a world-renowned authority, records his wanderings and joys, and shares his knowledge about dinosaurs.'

Le Figaro

'A journey into the heart of science, told in an accurate, well-documented manner, but imbued with the thrill of an adventure story.'

Science et Avenir

'This joyous tale into the Mesozoic era is sure to awaken new vocations in the field.'


Philippe Taquet is one of the world's major experts on dinosaurs. A former director of Paris'Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, he now teaches palaeontology there and is in charge of a research unit at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.