Nicolas Colin

A Social Contract for an Entrepreneurial Age Our Happy Days Publication date : February 19, 2020

Former inspector of finances, co-founder and director of the start-up The Family (2013), Nicolas Colin is a columnist at the Nouvel Observateur, and author of several books on the digital economy.
“The mistrust inspired by the digital transition explains why political leaders are turning against digital companies and seeking to prevent their development. Many elected officials, business leaders, academics, and journalists consider entrepreneurs as barbarians and seek to inhibit their progress rather than support them. They don’t see (or refuse to see) all the benefits that the change of paradigm currently underway can provide. Digital companies can only thrive if they help society understand the digital economy and contribute to imagining new institutions to make it more sustainable and more inclusive.” N. C.

For Nicolas Colin, a true connoisseur… the backlash against digital entrepreneurs is not at all surprising. Indeed, today’s institutions are not adapted to the new economy that is emerging. A new social contract must be put in place to better protect individuals. A new welfare state must be defined. This book tells under what conditions and how this can be done.