Kako Nubukpo

A Solution for Africa Bringing our Common Goods to Life Publication date : October 12, 2022

Kako Nubukpo is an economist and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Lomé, in Togo. He was the Minister of Long Term Strategy and Public Policy Evaluation in Togo (2013-2015). Today, he is the Commissioner for the Department of Agriculture, Water Resources and the Environment at the WAEMU.

Africa faces a huge challenge: integrating an additional one billion people in one generation within a context of low productivity, almost no industry, accelerated urbanisation, and a climate crisis that has become permanent. This “African emergency”, which Kako Nubukpo has already highlighted in his previous book, requires the invention of a new economic model. Africa has been a “guinea pig” continent for too long, subject to all kinds of predations. The unexpected Covid-19 crisis has shown Africa’s resilience and enabled the continent to rediscover the extent and richness of its heritage. Armed with this lesson, it must now find the path to endogenous development, based on its common goods.
Establishing African neo-protectionism and preserving the continent’s own resources (land, digital goods, etc.), ensuring the continent’s food sovereignty by developing agroecology, creating a regional debt agency, etc… These are just some of the Kako Nubukpo’s ideas to help Africa take charge of its own destiny. With the idea that common goods offer a middle way between the failures of the government and the market: by promoting a shared economy, they are also deeply in tune with Africa’s social reality. Généralités