Jean-Michel Severino, Jérémy Hajdenberg

Afrique entreprise Africa invents its own growth model Publication date : September 28, 2016

Jean-Michel Séverino has been Vice-President of the World Bank and Director-General of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and currently runs I&P, an investment bank specializing in African SMEs.
Jérémy Hajdenberg, a strategy consultant specializing in microfinance, is Director-General of I&P.

Sign of a tangible and lasting hope, a new growth model, based on innovation and entrepreneurship, is emerging in Africa. The main architects of this growth, African entrepreneurs, are also its beneficiaries.
This book tells their success story and those of their amazing SMEs. Whether they are from a global diaspora or pure products of the continent, African entrepreneurs innovate in all directions, from the food to the construction industry, from transport to tourism, through less traditional sectors such as access to energy or information. Making use of new technologies, they know how to offer solutions where the lack of infrastructure can be a huge handicap — but also an opportunity. And their capacity for imaginative solutions sometimes leads to world firsts that are adopted by industrialized countries.
This book shows how entrepreneurs and SMEs transform lifestyles and build an autonomous African growth with the emergence of a home market. It also highlights the weaknesses and challenges of this new Africa which brings ever-greater hopes for global growth.