Nicolas Dufourcq

Deindustrialization in France Looking Back on 30 Years Publication date : May 25, 2022

Nicolas Dufourcq has acted as the general manager of the French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) since its creation in 2013. Before that, he held important positions in private businesses, including at France Telecom, where he served as executive director of the telephone and internet industry branch, and at Capgemini.

When did France first start to deindustrialize, and why? Was it the fault of policies, fiscal policies in particular? The 35-hour work week, entry into the eurozone, or lack of skilled labor and research capacity?
This book is based on the conviction that diverse analyses and points of view can produce a cohesive picture that will produce practical solutions to reindustrialize France.
It brings together contributions from analysts and important figures from the past thirty years of deindustrialization: economists, politicians, bankers, business leaders and more.
Deindustrialization and the damage it inflicts (unemployment, abandonment of certain regions, loss of competitiveness, loss of sovereignty) is a long-standing and complex trend. To reverse it will require long-term engagement and a veritable cultural shift.