Amartya Sen

Development as Freedom Translated from english by Michel Bessières. Publication date : February 1, 2003

In order to improve everyone’s standard of living, would it suffice to increase existing wealth? Shouldn’t one also be concerned with human development and with every form of freedom? These are the crucial questions that Amartya Sen asks in a work that revives the style and scope of the great works of economics of the past.
Development as Freedom was awarded the European Economics Book Prize, in 2000.

“The world’s poor and dispossessed could have no more articulate or insightful a champion among economists that Amartya Sen,” Kofi Annan
“Health, education, social justice: these are the real freedoms with which the Indian economist measures the wealth of nations. When human development overthrows the sacrosanct GNP... This book overflows with ideas.” Télérama
“A passionate reflection on a possible form of capitalism with a human face.” Le Nouvel Observateur

Amartya Sen teaches at Trinity College, Cambridge University, England. In 1998, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics not only for his remarkable innovative work, but also for restoring an ethical dimension to economic thought. He is one of the theoreticians of sustainable development.