Yves Michaud, Valérie Julien Grésin

Digital Mutation, and the Human Responsibility of Leaders Publication date : January 8, 2019

Yves Michaud is the founder of the Université de tous les savoirs, and honorary professor of philosophy in many French and international universities.
Valérie Julien Gresin is founder of the consulting firm ASM Conseils, a specialist in support and collective coaching to top management.
The stupefying progress since the 2000s in the digitization of data and in its processing in real time are fundamentally changing our lives and our representations. Its impact on work is particularly important since work is, and will increasingly be, dematerialized, automated, and internationalized.
The originality of this book is that it examines these upheavals (which are just beginning) from two perspectives: that of philosophers and academics, and that of professional corporate managers who are experiencing these changes in their everyday professional lives. In this respect, it is not a matter of “humanizing” or of “thinking about” the corporation, but of concretely putting modes of reflection in the service of discernment, lucidity, and a stepping back to see clearly.
What becomes of the management of a corporation in the face of the blurring of borders between the inside and the outside? What risks do social networks and “fake news” pose to it? How can management reinvest its responsibilities? What place can be given to the social sciences along the way?
These are some of the questions broached in this book, which attempts to define a common language between intellectuals and managers, to think about the challenges of the future.