Jacques Sapir

The Economy in the 21st Century Publication date : September 22, 2005

Globalisation, relocation, the “new” economy, sustainable development, emerging nations: the economic landscape keeps changing. Tomorrow’s economy remains a mystery — for industrialists, financiers, politicians and even economists.
In this book, Jacques Sapir examines the lacunae, deadlocks and contradictions of traditional economic thought, and then draws on recent findings in cognitive psychology to develop a new economic concept that allows him to overcome these difficulties.
He shows how various institutions and organisations (the State, associations, labour unions, the press, businesses, etc.) act as guardians of economic behaviour and are thus capable of developing effective means of regulating the economy and of putting it back on the growth track.
This book addresses both individual and national concerns about the future of the economy, and it calls upon the imagination to look at the economy in new, more positive manner.
Drawing on his internationally recognised expertise, Jacques Sapir outlines the new transition of liberal economies toward regulated systems.

Jacques Sapir is a director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. He is the author of Les Trous noirs de la science économique (2000) and Les Economistes contre la démocratie (2002).