Jean-Marie Chevalier, Patrice Geoffron

Energy Transitions Making the Right Choices Publication date : September 5, 2013

Jean-Marie Chevalier is a professor of economics at Paris-Dauphine University and a senior associate at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA). He is the author of many books and articles on energy, including Les Grandes Batailles de l’énergie and Les 101 mots de l’énergie.
Patrice Geoffron is a professor of economics at Paris-Dauphine University and was formerly the university’s international vice president.

Not long ago, it was widely agreed that decarbonising the economy and developing new forms of energy were urgent goals.
Today, prudence has replaced urgency and political leaders have adopted a new term: energy transition. But what is it exactly: an indispensable step in the construction of a new, fairer, more environmentally friendly energy system — or the surreptitious return to fossil fuels? And how are we to understand the German abandon of nuclear power, in favour of energy transition, while the U.K. now favours nuclear power?
Written by eminent specialists on energy issues, this concise pedagogical work aims to clarify the terms of the debate, as posed in France: should the ban on shale gas be lifted? What should be the role of nuclear power, in future? How can energy systems be rendered more efficient? To alter consumer behaviour in France and make it more environmentally virtuous, the authors argue that energy prices need to be more transparent and energy taxes adjusted. Finally, how should the issue of energy vulnerability be dealt with?

• The authors describe clearly and precisely the choices that each citizen should make.
• If France does not make some crucial, and doubtless painful, choices the consequences for its economy will be devastating.