Philippe Jurgensen

The Euro For All Publication date : February 1, 1998

How much is one Euro worth? How should an invoice for 327.53 French francs be converted? How should amounts be rounded off and new prices established? When will taxes and the rent have to be paid in the new European currency? What is the deadline when accounts must go over to the new system? How can managers prepare their companies so that the transition will be made smoothly? What is the best way of protecting one's savings? How will the changeover to the new monetary system affect employment and economic growth? The Euro will soon be part of the day-to-day lives of all Europeans; by 2002, it will have completely replaced the French Franc. Whether readers feel concerned about their purchasing power or how price labelling will be handled, or whether they are worried about the future of their savings and want to adapt their activities to the new technical and competitive situation, this book will provide them with the necessary information to enable them to calmly face the upheavals of monetary union.

Philippe Jurgensen is a senior official of the French Treasury and a member of the Conseil Économique et Social; he specialises in European and monetary issues.