Jacques Lesourne

Europe at Its Twilight? A prospective Essay Publication date : January 2, 2014

Jacques Lesourne, long renowned as a prospectivist, was notably a professor of economics and industrial statistics at France’s National Arts and Crafts Conservatory. Editions Odile Jacob has published many of his works, including Le Modèle français, Un Homme de notre siècle and Ces avenirs qui n’ont pas lieu.

‘Europe seems to be in decline — at least in relative terms. What will be its future trajectory? Will Europe age gracefully and enjoy its golden years? Will it plunge into chaotic decadence? Will it recover bouts of dynamism, and so prolong its vital phase? Once a bright, sometimes scorching, sun whose light flooded the world, how can Europe at least continue to glimmer, contributing its light to that of the other continents?
‘Ultimately, the big issue for Europeans is to transform their centuries-old, driving global ambitions into a European ambition, open to the world but aware of its own limitations.
‘In this context, they must simplify their political, national and European goals, focus their efforts, fight against institutional sclerosis and work toward a democracy that controls its leaders without depriving them of authority. Success is not guaranteed. Hope endures,’ writes Jacques Lesourne.

• Europe’s heritage and the players on the European stage.
• Possible scenarios for the future.
• Strategic questions for building a solid, workable Europe.