Philippe Jurgensen

Everyone's Guide to the Euro Publication date : September 1, 2001

In January 2002, only a few months from now, the Euro will have completely replaced the French franc. How will the change of currency affect daily life in France?
o Unlike the technical works which target specialists, the present book provides answers to the thousand and one questions that are being asked in France today: What will the Euro ultimately be worth? How can an invoice be rapidly converted? What is the best way of protecting one’s savings? What will the new pay slips look like?
o Unlike many other works, this book eschews general or abstract considerations in favour of a concrete approach. It is carefully broken down into chapters, each addressing the specific questions of the various categories of users of the new currency. The author offers indispensable information to each category: from consumers concerned about their purchasing power to shopkeepers unsure about price labelling; from individuals worried about the future of their savings to companies anxious to adapt their activities to the new technical and competitive situation.
This is an essential, straightforward and complete work, which will help readers face the upheavals of European monetary unification calmly.

Philippe Jurgensen is a senior official of the French Treasury and a former member of the European Monetary Committee. Before heading France’s Agence nationale de valorisation de la recherche, he was one of the administrators of the European Investment Bank. He specialises in European and monetary issues and is the author of Le Trésor et la politique financière, L’Écu, naissance d’une monnaie and L’Euro pour tous.