Michel Godet, Patrick Miliotis

Good News Territories Prize-Winning 2018 Publication date : December 12, 2018

At the heart of our territories, men and women entrepreneurs have risen to the challenges and shown the face of a France that invents, creates jobs, develops innovative projects, while preserving our blue planet. It is these inspiring, often impertinent local successes that the MMA Foundation of Entrepreneurs of the Future rewarded in 2018. Fourteen winners were honoured, you will find here their beautiful stories.

They open up the field of all possibilities: from the Safe Water Cube water fountain to the ethical and solidarity sneakers of Panafrica, our entrepreneurs take care of the most disadvantaged populations on our planet. Ecocean is setting up artificial fish nurseries in our ports, while GRAP and Cabestan are creating cooperatives with high added value. CetteFamille, Oui Care and Café Plùm put human relations back at the heart of our entrepreneurs' priorities. Discover the hitchhiking revisited with Rezo Pouce, and a simplified navigation on the Internet for those who are excluded with FACIL'iti. From Us to You allows our farmers to process and market their milk themselves in an ecological and innovative packaging. Ticket for Change is the conduit between those who want to get involved and those who need support. Gaarden becomes the first network of connected gardeners. Finally, the Langevin Institute aims to build the world of tomorrow by accelerating technology transfer, while preserving the interests of the public laboratory.
May all these fabulous journeys inspire you, individually and collectively!

Michel Godet, a member of the Academy of Technologies, is vice-president of the MMA Foundation of Entrepreneurs of the Future.

Patrick Miliotis is the General Delegate.

The initiatives presented gave rise to meetings and exchanges in the field with journalist Anne-Laure Murier.