Fabrice Houzé

The Invoice for Fixed Ideas a preface by Michel Godet Publication date : January 4, 2017

Fabrice Houzé is an engineer by training. Passionate about economics and finance, he became a trader and, with this, publishes his first book. A regular contributor to the Huffington Post, he lives in Paris.
The preface is by Michel Godet, creator of the Cercle des Entrepreneurs du Futur. He wrote "The Courage of Common Sense" and "The France of Good News", both published by Odile Jacob.
Received ideas have a cost
"For unemployment, we tried everything."
"The more patents a country has, the richer it is and the more likely to continue that way."
"You can't put a price on human life."
"If you want to be eco-friendly, you have to give up owning a car"
"Taxation is the best tool to fight against inequality"
Received ideas have a cost that can be exactly evaluated — on condition that we remove our ideological blinkers and accept to be guided by the precision of the facts and the objectivity of the figures.
This is what Fabrice Houzé is doing here and the result is surprising. It is found, for example, that patents, far from encouraging innovation, weigh on growth and reinforce inequalities. Or it will be much more effective to combat global warming by taxing meat rather than fossil fuels. Or that Free has contributed more to the reduction of inequalities than a 75% tax on the highest incomes.