Philippe Durance, Régine Monti

The Long Term as a Horizon How do companies take the future into account and anticipate what lies ahead? Publication date : August 30, 2017

Philippe Durance is a professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers National (CNAM), holder of the Chair of Planning and Sustainable Development. His work focuses on future planning within organizations, and on innovation and social change.
Régine Monti is Associate Professor in Planning and Sustainable Development at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers National (CNAM).
This book explores the relationship that companies have with the long term and how they anticipate the future. How do they integrate the long term into their management methods? What is the role of future planning in their decision-making processes? What processes are implemented? Who bears responsibility for the long term in the organization? How does a long-term vision manifest itself in action?
Based on interviews with business executives, the authors show that the ability of companies to forecast their business often explains their enduring success. This is undoubtedly because they have learned to face the unexpected, even the unforseeable, by developing strategies to absorb crises, to renew their paradigms, and to learn from their history.