Pascal Salin

Monetary Systems From individual needs to international realities Publication date : November 2, 2016

Pascal Salin, Professor Emeritus at Paris-Dauphine University, specializes in monetary theory and is a former president of the Mont Pelerin Society.
Individual needs and monetary currencies
Should Greece be required to leave the eurozone? Is it central banks’ role to produce monetary currency in order to stimulate economic activity? Does the international monetary system need to be reformed?
Only an enlightened understanding of how monetary systems work enables an efficient answer to these questions. The purpose of this book is to provide the necessary keys to that understanding. Starting from fundamental monetary concepts and from individuals’ actual behaviour in terms of money, it gradually composes an analysis of different monetary systems as well as of the international monetary system in a way that is both precise and reader-friendly.
Extremely instructive, preferring quality to quantity for references, it will enable anyone – from leaders to ordinary citizens – to avoid the most common errors in monetary terms, and to have an informed opinion on the main monetary issues, from European monetary integration to the impact of the internet and the emergence of new currencies.