Henri Guaino

Putting an End to the Sacrifice Economy Publication date : August 31, 2016

"The economic debate is the great political issue of our age.

This book is the fruit of a long personal reflection on the present strange relationship between economics and impotent politics.

This is the work of a politician who seeks to understand the realities of the world in order to be able to act in accordance with his concept of morality. His sole ambition is to make a difference by contributing to a debate which, through trivialisation, is weakening democracy to a dangerous degree.

A strategy is needed to break the vicious social and economic circle that pushes one faction of the French population to revolt and the other to despair. Loosen the shackles of austerity that are stifling boldness and initiative and destroying confidence in the future. Invest heavily. Provide purchasing power instead of taking it away. Commit to changes, based on a few simple principles, that must be made.

In the face of the policy of sacrifice that has turned the markets, Europe and globalization into an excuse for all suffering and austerity, we must aspire rather than endure, encourage and motivate rather than sacrifice, give hope rather than pay penance for mistakes made not by the people but by their leaders." HG

An important work of economics, of very political economics, to feed reflection and fire debate.

Henri Guaino represents the Yvelines département in the French parliament. He acted as special advisor to the President during the entire five-year term of Nicolas Sarkozy and is a former General Commissioner for Planning. He was one of the main instigators of the campaign against the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, alongside Philippe Séguin and Charles Pasqua, of Jacques Chirac's "social fracture" presidential campaign in 1995 and of Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential campaign in 2007.