Jacques Lesourne, Denis Randet

Research and innovation in France 2016 Futuris 2016 Publication date : March 9, 2016

Renowned futurist Jacques Lesourne is emeritus professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. He is a member of the Academy of Technologies.
Denis Randet is CEO of the National Association of Research and Technology (ANRT).

How do we open up new perspectives to all those who, today, are researching, creating, being trained, innovating, investing — in short, building the France of tomorrow?
More than ever, between the ambition that the country must strive for and the constraints that it must manage, a strategic vision is needed. National strategy, territorial innovation strategies, operating strategies (including universities).
The tenth instalment in an annual series, this book is for those who want to position themselves in the shifting landscape of research and innovation.
It is the fruit of work carried out within FutuRIS, which brings together stakeholders and experts from research and innovation.

The 2016 Annual in a series devoted to research and innovation in France.