Jacques Lesourne, Denis Randet

Research and Innovation in France Publication date : January 10, 2008

The future of higher education, research and innovation has finally become a question of public concern and debate in France. The nation's prospects — employment, prosperity and influence — depend on it.

Major efforts in this direction have been undertaken, particularly over the last two years. But what is the situation at present?

This well-documented work, backed with statistics, reviews the French system as it is now. It gives an overview of recently recorded tendencies, compares the situation today with what it was ten years ago, describes initiatives and the progress accomplished in matters of European and international cooperation, and compares the state of higher education and research in France and in other major countries. In addition, the authors provide a sector-by-sector analysis that gives a clear insight into what has been achieved and what still remains to be done. They outline a number of scenarios to facilitate decisions on forthcoming choices. Finally, they examine such issues as the role of territories within Europe, the part to be played by medium and small businesses, and the collaboration between public and private research.

Research and development: these vital issues are examined in detail here by some of the best specialists in the field. They provide us with precise, quantitative analyses — by sector, as well as nationally and internationally. This book will serve as a reference for future discussions on innovation and the means to innovate in France.

Long renowned as a prospectivist, Jacques Lesourne was formerly a professor of economics and industrial statistics at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. He is a member of the French Academy of Technology.

Denis Radet is a general delegate to the National Association of Technical Research (ANRT).

The present work is proposed by FutuRIS (Future, Research, Innovation, Society), a study programme on research and innovation developed by ANRT.