Jacques Lesourne, Denis Randet

Research and Innovation in France FutuRIS 2010 Publication date : October 14, 2010

Long renowned as a prospectivist, Jacques Lesourne was formerly a professor of economics and industrial statistics at France’s National Arts and Crafts Conservatory. He is a member of the French Academy of Technology. Denis Randet is a general delegate to the National Association for Technical Research (ANRT).
They are the authors and editors of La Recherche et l’innovation en France – FutuRIS 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. This annual work is proposed by FutuRIS (Future, Research, Innovation, Society), a work programme on research and innovation developed within ANRT.

Higher education, research and innovation are finally receiving the attention they deserve in French public debate. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of France, its jobs, prosperity and influence.
A number of projects have been undertaken: with what results?
Backed by facts and figures, this remarkably well-documented work reviews the state of the French system of research and development.
It sums up recently recorded developments, offers a detailed comparison between the situation ten years ago with today’s, describes the initiatives that have been taken and the progress made regarding European and international cooperation, and compares France with the other major nations. The book offers sector-by-sector analyses that give a better understanding of advances and problems. Finally, it proposes useful scenarios for upcoming choices as well as perspectives on the role of national territories within Europe, on the collaboration between public and private research and on the role of small businesses.

• Research and Development: a crucial issue closely examined by top experts.

• This annual report offers a precise, quantitative overview of the state of research and development, sector by sector, in France and worldwide.

• A standard work for an understanding of innovation in France and of the means at its disposal.