Jacques Lesourne, Denis Randet

The Research and Innovation in France FutuRIS 2013 Publication date : October 31, 2013

Jacques Lesourne, a renowned prospectivist, is an emeritus professor at France’s National Arts and Crafts Conservatory. He is a member of the Academy of Technology.
Denis Randet is a general delegate to France’s National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT).

Faced with the economic crisis and the need to innovate, the French economy must find a road to recovery. What are the available options? Research and advanced training will doubtless play a major role. The reforms carried out over the past decade are beginning to show results. What progress has so far been made? What challenges remain?
These are some of the questions answered here, in this general summing up of the present situation in France and Europe. In addition, the authors focus on the main players in France’s renovated system of research and development: universities, start-ups bought up by large groups, government support for innovation and competitiveness.
A section at the end of the book provides a chronology and a summary of the main events of the past year.

• A clear picture of the ever-changing state of research and development.
• This is the seventh annual volume on R&D, produced by the FutuRIS (Future, Research, Innovation, Society) think tank.