Jacques Lesourne, Denis Randet

Research and Innovation in France FutuRIS 2014-2015 Publication date : February 25, 2015

Jacques Lesourne, a renowned prospectivist, is an emeritus professor at France’s National Arts and Crafts Conservatory. He is a member of the Academy of Technology.
Denis Randet is a general delegate to France’s National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT).

The first part of this year’s edition offers an overview of French Research and Development within the European framework, with emphasis on the relationship between universities and public bodies. It also examines Europe’s research potential.
The second part of the book is about the interactions between scientific and socio-economic activities, traditionally regarded as the weak link in French R&D.
The third part focuses on the new socio-economic challenges that face innovation policies.
A section at the end of the book provides a chronology and a summary of the key events of the past year.
The present volume is the ninth in an annual series aimed at readers seeking information on the ever-changing world of research and development. It is the result of work carried out by experts and decision-makers working within the FutuRIS (Future, Research, Innovation, Society) think tank.

• How to make the best use of the initiatives implemented over the past ten years to modernise French Research and Development?
• A clear picture of how France has evolved within the European context.