Philippe Askenazy

Sharing wealth Publication date : May 2, 2019

How can inequalities be reduced?

How can we ensure that work is better recognized and paid for?
Philippe Askenazy shows us in this book: the current sharing of wealth is far from natural; it results from the explosion of rents and their capture by the actors best equipped with the economic game.
In this rentier race, he tells us, the world of work is the big loser: while many workers contribute to capitalist rents through increased productivity, they are stigmatized as unproductive and their wages stagnate.

By proposing a new description of the capital-labour relationship, by inviting the world of work, and in particular low-paid workers, to be reactivated, Philippe Askenazy shows that there is a social-democratic alternative to neoliberalism beyond redistribution.

And at a time when democracies are threatened by populism and the risk of authoritarian drift, rehabilitating those who drive growth through their efforts is simply an imperative for survival.

Philippe Askenazy is research director at the CNRS-CMH and professor at the École normale supérieure-PSL. Author of numerous books on economics and labour, he is one of the initiators of the appalled Economists.