Yves Jacquin Depeyre

The Solar Revolution Publication date : February 24, 2021

Yves Jacquin Depeyre is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and specialist in fiscal matters.
The general feeling is that the Covid-19 pandemic is a warning, one issued by a Nature that is at the minimum hostile, and at the worst an adversary of the human species which is exploiting it with abandon.
In the face of the inevitable depletion of the planet’s resources, the future of humanity seems bleak.
Unless the collapsologists are blind, incapable of reading the signs of the turning point that is being announced? The Revolution of the Sunflower, that of solar energy which will be the point of departure for changing civilization. Such a break could go much more quickly than we imagine, for the better, and not for the worse.
This book recounts the story of this revolution to come, its benefits, but also the opposition and refusals that its premises are already inciting, particularly in France. It shows how a new model of ecological capitalism might reconcile humanity with the living world, ecology and the economy then being called upon to enter into a dialogue in order to mutually strengthen each other.