Philippe Durance

Strategic Foresight in Action Publication date : February 27, 2014

Pr. Philippe Durance is a professor at the French National Conservatory for Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in the chair of ‘Prospective and Sustainable Development’. He is also a research fellow in CNAM’s Laboratory for interdisciplinary research in active science (LIRSA). He is in charge of ‘advanced regional studies’ at Sciences Po-Lille and he frequently lectures at prestigious French institutions (Agro ParisTech, EHESS, ESSEC, HEC, Paris-Dauphine University, Science Po-Paris, among others). He has a doctorate in management and has published many works on strategic foresight.

Strategic foresight aims to inform present actions in the light of possible or desirable futures.

In this book, Philippe Durance, a specialist in strategic foresight studies, and several other experts explain the foundations, concepts, methods and tools of strategic analysis.

They argue that strategic foresight should not be limited to research. Instead, it needs to be included in current national and regional policy decisions.

• Practical, factually backed recommendations, by one of the greatest specialists in strategic foresight.
• Also included here are contributions by other experts, notably in the area of sustainable development.
• Philippe Durance’s works, which combine history, philosophy and foresight analysis, are globally concerned with social change.