Philippe Moreau Desfarges

The Temptation to Withdraw: Globalization, Deglobalization Publication date : March 21, 2018

Philippe Moreau Defarges is a former diplomat and researcher at the Institut français des relations internationals (IFRI - French Institute of International Relations). He has held several administrative posts, notably in the sector of European construction. He has taught at Sciences-Po (Paris), and co-directed the Ramses annual strategic review (IFRI) from 2002 to 2015.
This book sheds light on the dark side of globalization. It shows that the process of conquering land beginning with the first humans has always provoked reactions of defense in the face of this irresistible dynamic.

Globalization is driven by millenary forces: the invention of increasingly sophisticated tools, an accelerated increase in the number of people, the development of means of communication and circulation. As for deglobalization, it is characterized by movements of withdrawal, with very fragile defenses against the unfolding of globalization .

After giving an overview of the three principle forms of globalization that have occurred since the fifteenth century, and the reactions they provoked, Philippe Moreau-Desfarges raises the question: can deglobalization promise a future for humanity? Should humanity renounce that magnificent motor laboriously created on the ruins of Roman Antiquity -- the idea of progress?

Erudite, fascinating, this book explores a subject that is fundamental to our humanity and to its future.