Jacques Barthélémy, Gilbert Cette

Working in the 21st Century The Uberization of the Economy Publication date : January 4, 2017

Gilbert Cette, associate professor of economics at the University of Aix-Marseille, is an expert in the job market.
Jacques Barthelemy, associate professor at the Montpellier Law School and legal adviser in employment law, founded Barthelemy Avocats, a law office.
By the same author (with Philippe Aghion and Elie Cohen): Changer de modèle (“Changing Models”, 2015)
With the technological revolution and the appearance of digital platforms (Uber, BlabBlaCar, etc.), our life- and work-styles have been totally overturned. The process has also affected how work is organized by posing a threat to the number of jobs available as well as to employees’ legal rights. What is known as the “Uberization” of the economy is the focus of a tremendous amount of fear.
Distinguishing truth from falsehood as far as these fears are concerned, Gilbert Cette and Jacques Barthelemy propose a nuanced and precise diagnosis of current transformations in the job market. They demonstrate the necessity of adapting the law not only to accompany the most dynamic economic trends, but also to harmonize the artificially distant statuses of employees and non-employees.
The stakes are fundamental for the economy and all parties in the world of work: employees, non- employees and firms.