Gilles Gaston Granger

Science and Reality Publication date : January 1, 2001

In Sciences et Réalité, Gilles-Gaston Granger continues the investigation into scientific rationalism begun in his earlier books: Essai d’une Philosophie du Style (1988), Pour la Connaissance Philosophique (1988), La Mathématique Sociale de Condorcet (1989), La Vérification (1992), Le Probable, le Possible et le Virtuel (1995) and L’Irrationnel (1998).
The author now addresses the question of scientific reality and the paradox that science discovers an objective reality which it does not invent — yet in order to do so, its input (formal models, experimental techniques) has to be so great that the reality appears to be totally constructed by science.
He examines this paradox in various scientific fields, including logic, mathematics, physics and biology.

Gilles-Gaston Granger is an honorary professor at the Collège de France.