Jean-Pierre Changeux

Truth in Science Publication date : January 1, 2003

Colloquium at the Collège de France
16-17 October 2001

Jacques Bouveresse: Is a realistic epistemology possible?
Jacques Tits: Truth in mathematics?
Geoffrey Lloyd: The concept of truth in ancient Greece and China.
Jean-Pierre Changeux: A neuro-cognitive model of knowledge acquisition.
Philippe Descola: Describing, interpreting and explaining.
Dominique Dormont: Prion, between hypothesis and demonstration.
Serge Haroche: Truth and reality in the quantum world.
Pierre Bourdieu: Logical necessity and social constraint.
Olivier Houdé: The construction of truth in children’s cognitive development.
Elie Zahar: The Ramsey procedure and the problem of scientific realism.
Robert Guesnerie: Truth and social representation.
Jean-Loup Puget: Relations between astrophysics and cosmology with observation: criteria of veracity.
Ian Hacking: “True”, values and science.