Jean-Claude Carrière

Peace Publication date : October 5, 2016

Jean-Claude Carrière has had great success with, for example, L’Argent ("Money"), Fragilité ("Fragility") and Einstein, s’il vous plaît ("Einstein, Please"). His latest work, Croyance ("Belief", 2015), is a best-seller with 20,000 copies in circulation. Screenwriter for Jacques Tati and Louis Buñuel, dramatist, writer, Jean-Claude Carrière is one of the most original and significant thinkers of our time.
After money and belief, Jean-Claude Carrière confronts another essential theme of our history and of our societies. A theme that seems to have deserted our world: peace. Action, agitation, conflict, accidents and drama are the stuff of our daily lives. Novels, conversations, information — everything feeds upon the absence of peace. It makes you wonder, says Jean-Claude Carrière, if we're truly capable of making peace, and maintaining it. “Each one of us is at war. Each one of us is an unarmed soldier." And the violence which seduces certain young people, not poor and unemployed but educated and privileged, who suddenly become “radicalised”, sets before us a phenomenon without precedent, a form of war which we have never known before in our history.

Why is this extremism? Why these murdererous suicides? Everyone has their own explanation: social conditions, disenfranchisement, inadequate education… we have a hard time deciding. The reality is that we are stupefied. How, in these times, can we still defend clemency and moderation? Jean-Claude Carrière seeks to answer this most pressing problem of our age.