Claude Béata

At the Risk of Loving Preface by Boris Cyrulnik Publication date : May 15, 2013

Claude Béata is a behaviourist veterinarian, a graduate of France’s National Veterinary Schools and a member of the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine. A specialist in emotional attachment, he is the author of the highly successful La Psychologie du chien, published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Readers will discover here the numerous forms of attachment that exist in the animal kingdom: cats’ overwhelming maternal love; elephants’ deep mourning and incapacity to forget their dead; dogs’ sometimes pathological loyalty; dolphins’ lasting friendship; monkeys’ violent jealousy; birds with their seemingly perfect couples.
In each one of the cases recounted in this book, and in each species, readers will recognise numerous features that are shared by humanity.
Combining the most recent scientific findings with anecdotes, humour and analyses, evoking animals without ever forgetting humans, this book focuses on love, its biological roots and its unexpected and sometimes comical consequences.

• A masterly demonstration of the power of love in the animal kingdom.
• A daring approach: defining what is deepest and most precious in humans by showing what humans and animals share and what differentiates them.