Joël Dehasse

Cat Psychology Publication date : March 20, 2005

This is a complete guide in four parts — each of which can be read individually — covering every aspect of cat behaviour and perception.
1. A cat’s life: Your cat’s perception, ways of communicating, and behaviour (territorial, social, aggressive predatory, sexual, parental, etc.), examined independently of its relationship with you.
2. My cat is special: Your cat’s cognition, emotions and personality (feelings, moods, beliefs, forms of intelligence).
3. My cat and I: Your mutual perception of one another; how each one of you communicates; your social behaviour when you are with your cat; the development of your relationship; your cat’s territory and orientation in the world of humans; your cat’s nutrition; its sleep and relaxation patterns; the games it plays; its way of life.
4. My cat has problems: Factors that influence your cat’s mental health; how to prevent and treat psychosomatic disorders and possible pathological states (phobias, anxiety, depression). When should you take your pet to the veterinarian?

This is an authoritative reference work that will answer all your questions about your cat’s psychology: what your cat feels, what it likes and doesn’t like, what it will do and will not do. The book’s detailed index and clear structure make it easy to consult and a great reference tool. Here is a book that will help cat owners know and understand their pets at every stage of their pets’ lives (from birth to old age), in a variety of situations (whether you live alone or with children, whether you have other pets, when you go away on holiday).
Joël Dehasse is a behavioural veterinarian specialising in cats and dogs. He works in Brussels.