Joël Dehasse

Everything About Cat Psychology Publication date : September 18, 2008

Here, in a new, revised and enlarged edition, is the guidebook that tells you everything about the psychology of cats: their perceptions, feelings, habits, likes and dislikes.

Knowing what is going on in your pet's head will help you understand its sometimes erratic behaviour; its affectionate, indifferent or openly aggressive reactions; its need for independence as well as its desire for company; its moods and its biorhythms. In fact, you will understand everything that makes up the individuality and complexity of this enigmatic yet very familiar feline.

To help you decipher the mysteries of your cat, the author has divided the book into three separate, autonomous parts (Life with a cat; The cat world; Living in harmony with your cat), which are in turn divided into short, concise sections which may be dipped into, according to your interests and needs, or read straight through for thorough knowledge and expertise about the psychology of your favourite animal.

This authoritative, complete but accessible reference work takes into account the latest scientific research on cat psychology.

The book's clear and pleasing layout will enable readers not only to find answers to their general questions about the cat world, but also to solve the difficulties that cat owners encounter with their pets on a day to day basis.

Joël Dehasse is a veterinarian specialising in cat and dog behaviour. He works in Brussels.