Frank Dangeard

Crisis Decision-Making in Businesses 12 Tales of Governance Publication date : January 13, 2011

Frank Dangeard is the Chairman of Atari. A former investment banker, he later joined Thomson Multimedia and has served as Chief Executive Officer of Thomson and as Director General of France Telecom.

Based on his extensive experience as a manager and administrator, and illustrated with numerous examples from recent business history, Frank Dangeard offers a wide-ranging reflection on decision-making processes in business enterprises.

In the wake of the recent financial and economic crisis, Dangeard argues that a complete overhaul of global regulatory mechanisms will not suffice. The crisis has raised the issue of governance, whose underlying principles and rules we must now review. But we must also re-examine how those rules are implemented. For the author, the main lesson to be learned from the crisis is that there can be no progress in the area of governance unless the workings, the makeup and, particularly, the role played by boards of directors undergo a thorough overhaul. But the solution depends less on a new set of rules than on practical procedures, group dynamics and the quality of collective decisions.