Philippe Trouchaud

The Cybersecurity beyond technology Publication date : February 17, 2016

Philippe Trouchaud is an associate at Price WaterHouse Coopers Advisory.

Large corporations are frequent targets of cyberattacks and hacking. The banking giant HSBC, the French telecommunications company Orange, and the private French television channel TF1 have all been victims. Because customers’ personal data is valuable and highly coveted it needs to be protected. Yet despite huge investments, cybersecurity remains inadequate.
How can personal and corporate internet data be effectively protected? Why does even the most sophisticated technology so often meet with failure? What are the makings of successful cybersecurity measures?
What this book shows is that even the most sophisticated, state-of-the art technology will not suffice to ensure adequate data protection. One statistic tells us why: 30% of all corporate security accidents can be traced back to the company’s employees. Training employees in security risks is therefore of crucial importance.
By focussing on human resources and on the role of the organisation, the author offers innovate solutions that will allow corporations to abandon exclusively technological solutions and the ‘marketing of fear’.

• The hacking of personal information in corporation databases has become a massive problem, affecting millions of customers.
• Investing in cybersecurity is expensive and not always effective. This is the challenge the author tackles here.