Gilles Teneau, Géraldine Lemoine

Toxic Handlers Generators of Goodwill in Companies Publication date : February 20, 2019

Gilles Teneau teaches at CNAM [Conservatoire national des arts et métiers – National conservatory of arts and professions], at the ESC [business school] in Amiens, and at the ISC [business school] in Paris. He is a specialist in organizational resilience and resources that are rare in companies.
Géraldine Lemoine conducts training in collaborative communication, stress prevention, and the creativity development.

In companies, it has been increasingly noted that some personalities are helpful to others when there are difficulties to be confronted. They are called Toxic Handlers. They absorb the distress of others and are generators of goodwill. Empathetic and altruistic, they are able in a business to improve the quality of life at work by easing the suffering of others.

Who are these Toxic Handlers? Why and how do they help their suffering colleagues? And what beneficial effects can a company derive from them?

Gilles Teneau and Géraldine Lemoine paint the psychological portrait of these unique personalities. They reveal their essential characteristics, their potential strengths and weaknesses, and show the extent to which every company wins by having them on board.