Xavier Hochet, André-Benoit De Jaegere

Triggers Publication date : June 11, 2010

Transformation is vital for private enterprises as well as for political institutions — and even more so during times of crisis when everything is in a state of flux. But how can one be certain of making the best decision when the long-term prospects of an enterprise or institution come into play?

Deep-seated mutations are radically changing the way business enterprises function. Management has responded by trying to bring strategies and organisations into line with the new global realities. But in a world undergoing reconfiguration, reality is forever shifting. It is therefore crucial for those who must define and maintain a steady course to distinguish between what is only a passing trend and what will last — and what can act as a lever to invent the future.

Despite short-term pressures, taking the time to reflect on these distinctions has become a strategic necessity: it is what will enable the development of transformations that will lead to real long-term success.

What can be done? The leader of France's main management consulting group reveals here what he has learned from his experience in a variety of sectors.

Addressing managers, as well as anyone wishing to understand the risks and mechanisms of business transformation, Xavier Hochet provides us with a grid to understand the present situation, a set of guidelines, and a methodology allowing a better understanding of decision-making situations and processes, the sole guarantees of lasting success. What he does not do is provide pat answers or offer a compilation of current trends and abstract theories.

There is no need to be a soothsayer to make long-term decisions!

Based on top consultants' expertise, this book will enrich the reflection of managers and decision-makers, in every sector, private and public.

The author provides a close examination of many specific cases, in all types of structures, and reports on the experiences of a cross-section of managers, their decisions and their vision of the future. Knowing how to transform your enterprise or institution does not mean applying models or following trends. It is a process of vision and decision, as well as of application, of opening the debate, of the capacity to mobilise. This book shows how to adopt it.

Xavier Hochet is the executive director of Capgemini Consulting France, and the author of Transformer l'entreprise. De la décision à l'action.

The Capgemini Group is one of the world's foremost providers of management consulting and information technology services. Originally founded in France, the Group is now well established in more than thirty countries.