André Richaud

A Guide to Academic Counselling From Secondary School to University Publication date : February 1, 2001

The purpose of this book is twofold:

- To inform parents: The French educational system is complex, there are many possible tracks and the need for information is even greater following the reforms made by former minister of education Claude Allègre. Many parents feel lost and unable to help their children in their academic choices.

- To guide them in their choices: Information isn’t everything, and when the moment to choose comes, many parents are filled with anxiety, wondering if the choice that has been made is not the best one. Their fears are generally focused around three main issue: failure, boredom, and the lack of job openings in the given field.

This is both a practical guidebook covering the various educational possibilities offered by the system and a handbook on children’s education. It is above all a simple and useful tool that will help parents help their children examine their likes and dislikes as well as their skills, and then confront them with the possibilities that are offered to them.

Making the right choice involves knowing what possibilities are available, but it primarily involves observing and understanding each individual child so as to help them find what is best for them, as calmly as possible.

André Richaud is the principal of the Lycée Max Dormoy in the Paris region. He was formerly an educational counsellor, a teacher of literature, and a teacher trainer for France’s national board of education.