Hervé Glasel

Academic Success for All Cognitive Sciences and Children with Learning Difficulties Publication date : September 19, 2013

 Hervé Glasel is a neuropsychologist specialising in child and adolescent development. Besides his clinical practice in the Centre de Référence pour l’Evaluation Neuropsychologique de l’Enfant (Ceréne) he directs the Ceréne schools for children with learning difficulties.

In France alone at least 500,000 children experience academic problems. And every year 160,000 pupils leave school without acquiring a diploma.
Although these children may be intelligent many of them have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, attention disorders (ADD/ADHD) and social cognitive disorders.
Fortunately, academic failure is not inevitable. The latest findings in the cognitive sciences have shown how the brain learns, and thus helped improve our understanding of learning difficulties, with the result that we are now in a better position to help children with academic problems.
Knowledge derived from the cognitive sciences has been decisive in adapting education to children with learning difficulties and in giving them access to knowledge and learning.

• A book for teachers as well as parents.
• Concrete solutions to help children with learning difficulties.
• A manifesto for a new pedagogy that will benefit every child.